Entry 35: Conversations With A Lost Soul #1: Diane

The air is cold…

Everything is confusing…

Every breath hurts…

Is this Death?

whispers in the wind…

Death is a matter of perception

This place, you can die again

Weary soul, have you sinned?

silence falls and so I speak…

I’ve done nothing

I’m not even sure where here is

I’m not sure what happened

I’m cold and alone

Empty within


This is not the end…

The wind whispers again…

You are here

There is a reason

If not sin

What then?

The voice stops I think quite a lot…

I’m blank

I remember nothing

Is there not a clue

Who are you?

The voice whispers yet again…

Wander these streets

I guarantee

Something will find you

A clue to histories past

A nightmare you wish you didn’t have

So many things you could behold

Here in Black Winter

What bares over your soul

Will soon be known

Who I am is not the question you should be asking…

Who you are and what you have done

In that lies the key, the key to everything

You see, depending on why you are here

That will decide the future you have…

-Conversations With A Lost Soul: Diane-


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