Entry 34: Things Heard In The Static #2: Jonny I Fonny

Life is a beautiful thing

One should cling onto it for as long as one can

You never know when it will be snuffed out

It could be anything really

Car accident

Bear accident

Homicidal axe wielding maniac

Shot in the nuts and you bleed out

That would be one hell of a story to talk about

Your wife could be a homicidal vixen


Come to think of it

Maybe you are the poor sap who got his manhood removed

She did it didn’t she

Night after night saying she would

Then she finally did

Where was I?

Fuck! I just realized something

There are like a metric FUCKton of ways to die on any given day

I change my stance

I can do that right?

Yes, you, probably staring at your telly petrified by the voice speaking to you.


Life’s fucking evil Ennit?

Don’t grow up kid

Now that I think about it, you are here so you are probably already dead

Can I ask how it happened?

Too soon?

Things Heard In The Static: #2- Jonny I Fonny-

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