Entry 33: Conversations With Death #2: William

I remember pain

I remember agony

I remember despair

Where am I?

A gaunt man with a wicked smile stands before me

He speaks

I am pain

I am agony

I am despair

I am chaos

I am a harbinger of things past

And things yet to come

In your case…

I am Oblivion!

Here you await sentencing

I will tell you now it ends very badly for you

You slayed families

Intimidated the innocent

You played with life as though it were a game

All the murders you claim done for your crew

In this place NO GANG CAN SAVE YOU!

WAIT! I want a second chance. Please, I didn’t realize…


You didn’t realize there was consequence for raping that poor girl?

You didn’t think it wrong to do so in front of her family?

You thought it okay to pass her around like a piece of meat?

Till you were bored…

I quite remember your words soul


I quote

Take that BITCH!

Hey daddy your little girl is growing up fast!



This wasn’t even the worst thing you did!

No worries though soul…

This place will sort you out good

When it all truly ends

You will face a panel of judges

A jury of the innocent you have slain

An eternal sentence and execution


You see soul,

I quite hate scum like you

If it were up to me you would know misery

Such as none has ever known before

Don’t worry though

When you are sentenced and the real fun begins…

I will happily watch as things are done unto you

Things which your worst enemies likely wouldn’t wish upon you

Your screams so loud

You will be heard by the living

You will wake the DEAD!

I can not wait William…


-Conversations with Death: William-


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