Entry 30: The Man In My Nightmares

He haunts me at least twice a year

He seems to know so much about me

He plays my favorite piece for reasons yet unknown

Quite the pianist he is

Playing Moonlight Sonata

He stalks me in nightmares

He knows me intimately

One day he will stop biding his time

One day he will come find me

-The Man In My Nightmares-


11 thoughts on “Entry 30: The Man In My Nightmares

    • Well, at the very least I know that this man knows Moonlight Sonata is my favorite piece. We always meet in the same place. I will try it next I have the dream again.

      Thank you! I’m curious, how often does your dream happen? If you feel comfortable talking about it. I know you said it happens way more than twice a year.

      Thank you again.

      Cheers! ^_^

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      • My dream is daily. In fact sometimes if I just fall asleep during the day even for a few seconds (like when you have not had enough sleep during the day) or just during periods of somnolence it is sufficient for that dreamtime exchange to happen.

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      • You can read part of the dreamtime explanations that I provided in an exchange on the poem called “Angel Tears” with a gentleman I follow, Derrick, who has some beautiful posts that involve what I would coin as calling upon one’s inner light rather than on one’s inner darkness.

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      • That sounds good. In reality, we are all creatures of balance but within this reality which is based on duality, we have to choose a camp or we can choose to be firm and continue with our policy of balance for most instances of life 🙂

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      • I put up a poem on the other blog.

        So, I tried.

        It isn’t very befitting of the comfortable darkness I’m used to, but it is what came to mind when deciding to post.

        I do think the other blog will help spread things out though. I’m thinking I will post one Entry on my main blog, and one on the other blog each day. Hopefully balance will become easier as time goes on in that way. Xp

        I will always feel far more confident and comfortable in the shadows but I like the idea of challenging myself to branch out.

        Thank you! ^_^

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      • I just checked it out. Sounds like a very good option to have one of each. Eventually the practice of balance becomes a way of seeing all things as equally important.

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