Entry 29: He Wears Their Faces

Sometimes I like to leave them alive

Just a little longer

I like the smell of their fear

I cherish the pure Ecstacy of their screams

No one will hear them

I feel myself getting hard while I prepare my carving knife

I don’t mind if their face is damaged like #123

That being said for the ones that get to live long enough…

Words can not express the feelings

The wonderful emotion that comes

As I prepare to carve off their faces!

The only thing better is when I’m in the art

I’m carving so delicately

The crescendo of their pain

Wailing like madness through my basement halls!

I keep their faces

I like to wear them

The ones I don’t wear

I collect

I have a wall devoted to faces

When I’m done practicing my art

The rest of the meat I save for later

Delicious meat!

Although some…

I use them for decor

Their bodies and parts used in decoration

To welcome future guests

Then again…


I get lonely…

Sometimes I’ll keep a body around

You know,

For those extra lonely nights…

-He Wears Their Faces-


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