Entry 25: Old Annie’s Last Wish

Exhausted I lay here

Wondering when it will all end

I find as I stare down at the street below

I’m completely lost

No memory of who I am or how I know

Any of the souls down below

They all call me Annie

Say they know me somehow

Yet I don’t know a damn one of them!

A man has come upstairs every day

Tears in his eyes

A tall lanky frame

He says hi Annie

I’m Frank

Do you remember our last date?

All the memories we shared

Our marriage

Our wedding cake?

Do you remember the children we had?

Do you remember anything?

This old man who claims to be Frank

I don’t remember him nor any cake

His tears seem genuine

He clearly aches

I’m quite sure his heart is in the right place

Still I look him in the tear soaked face

I tell him


You think you can make me think whatever you wish

I’m not a fool

I know it is a trick!

I won’t fall for your paltry games

Your tear filled shame

I don’t know you

I don’t know anything!

Just let me die

Accept my fate

Let today be my last day

I’m alone despite present company

Why won’t you just let go of me.

Leave me to my tortured fate


This damn nightmare I relive everyday

Come Death

Take my soul

Let me be free

Give me back my memories

-Old Annie’s Last Wish-

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