Entry 23: Daniels Journal: Entry #1

This isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense. I’m not even sure how I wound up here. I remember a few months back hearing reports of people missing. I had a client who asked me to look into a MPC (Missing Persons Case). It was her brother. A 29 year old guy who simply stopped communicating with my client.

She swore this was not like him. They communicated every day. He has been missing for 6 months as of the time she came to me. Apparently she had been in contact with the NYPD but they weren’t getting any closer in their investigation, so she hired me. I’m not sure how to say this, but the last thing I remember was driving on a rainy night, much like tonight.

I’ve been on the case now for about 1 month. I was looking into a lead…now I’m here. A town called Black Winter. I woke up here. I know that sounds odd, crazy even. I’m lost though. My car is here, but no matter where I go, this town continues. If you think that is odd, there have been a string of murders around here. Women going missing, never to be found again. Well, till the recent 12 who were found. It has been all the talk in this town.

Something is off though. I sit in a diner, listening to the rain and pondering. I don’t remember how I got here. I woke up in my car at one point, assuming I got tired and maybe pulled over. I have never heard of Black Winter. Everything in this town is off somehow. The strangest thing happened though. 3 nights ago I came to this very diner and spoke with a waitress asking for directions out.

The waitress smiled.

“Where are you going detective?”

The way she smiled and the way she said this was off putting. I explained to her how I was looking for someone. I showed her a picture of the man, Eric Gallager (29) and her eyes lit up.

“I saw him here the other night.”

Long story short, that puts his last known whereabouts in this town. I’ve been searching the town ever since. I haven’t found him…


a way out.

-Daniels Journal: Entry #1-

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