Entry 22: Conversations With Death #1: Natalie

One day I grew sick

A blistering fever took my body

It carried it away

I remember seeing a woman

Then the world fell black

She had the sweetest smile

Her eyes were the deepest blue

She had pale skin, like snow

Hair blacker than the darkest black

I remember her smile just before the world I knew

Faded into obscurity

I awoke and she stood there

I saw her long black hood

I saw her angels wings, the color of her hair

I thought I knew then

This was the end

She turned to me and smiled

You could tell she was holding back tears

She said this would be my home now

This my place,

Until the time where judgment came for me

I asked her where my mommy was?

I asked her if she had seen my dad?

She simply stared at me

Shaking her head

She didn’t need to do this

Her face confirmed everything

I already knew

Still I asked as though it would change my fate

Overwhelmed with an emotional tidal wave

I screamed

I’m only six!

It began to snow

Then she spoke

I’m sorry the world you were born into

Was so cold

If it helps, know

It was nothing you could control

Young Natalie, it was time I come for your soul

After that she smiled and promised me this

Someday I would see everyone again

As she turned and disappeared

I knew inside

What she just said

Was a lie

She could not hide

What I felt inside

My mommy and daddy had also died

Yet, they were not here

…by my side…

-Conversations With Death #1: Natalie-



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