Entry 20: They Call Him Suffering

Late in the night

I hear them whisper my name

Late in the night they compell me to explain

All those things which they whisper in my ears

Their lives

Their deaths

Their sins they confess

How lost and afraid young Michelle was

When that sick demon had his way

The shallow haunting rasping breaths

Old John heard just before his wife’s death

The insane cackling of the madman

Just before cut open this girl named Beth

Slice/Dice Slice/Dice Slice/Dice

Steady drip

Oh how delicious her life tasted

As it drained from her during death

Only 17 she was when laid to rest

James and Lacey

Always searching

For their 3 year old daughter

They lost one night while getting their next fix

The delicious taste the night Mr. Simon

Took her innocence

Before dumping her body into some ditch

The perverted moans of that old priest

A childs cries and eternal grief

These are just a few of the things

I hear and see

Every night until about 3

That damned hour

Whence comes he

The worst of them all

Always smiling at me

The things he recants I can never say

Every night as he tortures me

He is by far the worst of them all

He is my murderer

The source of my eternal grief

He makes me listen to these whispers

He has his way with me

He always comes at the hour of 3…

-They Call Him Suffering-

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