Entry 14: Black Winter Legends & Lore #1- Night Lane

Come away far into the night

To the old crossroads 

There you can make

A deal with a minor price

You can have all you ever wish for

Experience all and everything in a single life time

Women, Men, Money, Drugs

Pure Passion, Ecstacy, all your wildest dreams will come true

Just meet her at the crossroads on Night Lane

Her skin as pale as the moonlight

Her eyes as dark as the night

Call her Jezebel

Call her Life

Call her Death

It does not matter

For the right price you can have all you could ever want

In the dark of the night

Under the full moon

One simple kiss and you can have pure bliss

In payment your soul she will take

A perfect life she will make

A year, or two, possibly 100 if she really wants you

Just sign away your soul and everything you could ever want

Will be yours

After all

What is the value of a soul to that?

A small price to pay for sure

What are you waiting for?

Kiss her lips and let bliss consume you

For a time

Know however when your contract is complete

Her hounds will come howling

Your soul

Their meat…

-Black Winter: Legends&Lore: Night Lane-


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